North States Safety Training

North States Safety Training Programs

North States Safety is committed to providing your company with professional training programs and training information on a variety of topics. We are able to conduct all training on your job site.


NEW! We now offer hands-on Fire Extinguisher training right at your workplace. A Halcyon Burn Pan and real ABC fire extinguishers are used, providing a safe, self-contained, controlled training environment.


The unit is specifically designed to be used when complying with OSHA 1910.157(g)(1) which states, “Where the employer has provided portable fire extinguishers for employee use in the workplace, the employer shall also provide an educational program to familiarize employees with the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the hazards involved with incipient stage firefighting.” And comply with 1910.157(g)(3)The employer shall provide employees who have been designated to use firefighting equipment as part of an emergency action plan with training in the use of the appropriate equipment.”

>> Aerial Lifts

>> ASV Safety Training


>> Back Safety

>> Construction Site Safety

>> Ergonomics

>> Fire Extinguisher Training

>> First Aid & CPR Classes

>> Forklift

>> Haz-Com/Right to Know

>> Hearing Conservation

>> Ladders

>> Lockout/Tagout

>> MSHA 24 Hour New Miner & 8 Hour Refresher

>> OSHA 10 Hour & 30 Hour classes

>> Personal Protective Equipment

>> Scaffolding

>> Trenching/Excavation Competent Person